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Phifertex® Standard and Recreational Mesh

Phifertex® Standard And Recreational Mesh Might Be Right For You If …

Super Strong Phifertex® Recreational Mesh For Jump Pits & More

Those who have landed on a torn, worn or sagging track and field jump pit know it is not a comfortable experience. Luckily, jump pits and covers do not need complete replacement to bring them back to life. Engineered specifically for these applications, our line of Phifertex Standard and Recreational Mesh saves those who choose the reupholstering route money in the end. Additionally, our Recreational Mesh is perfect for projects like beach bags, children’s cots, horse masks and more. The fabric can withstand track spikes, sun exposure and inclement weather – all without sagging, ripping, tearing or fading. Click on one of the fabric swatches below to view available colors, technical data and more.

Phifertex® Standard And Recreational Mesh Might Be Right For You If …

  • You have a track and field jump pit, cover, or other application that requires durable outdoor sling fabric
  • You would rather re-purpose your existing application with new material rather than replace it entirely
  • You care about using fabrics made in the U.S.A.
  • You want a material that has natural mold, mildew and odor-fighting features like Microban®
  • You want to ensure your fabrics are GREENGUARD® Certified, thus not emitting harmful emissions

Recreational, Standard

Standard and Recreational Mesh Solids Colors

Almond, Black, Christmas Red, Grey, Grey Sand, Lemon Yellow, Navy, Orange, Royal Blue, Spruce Green, White

Sichere Verwendung REACH (EC 1907/2006) compliant
Konstruktion (Netz) Standard: 17x11 | Recreational: 13x12
Inhaltsstoffe 100% Woven Vinylbeschichteter Polyester
Reinigung Einfache Reinigung mit Seife und Wasser oder einer 50/50-Bleichmittel-Wasser-Lösung
Breite Standard: 54" (137,2 cm) | Recreational: 72" (182,9 cm)
Standardrollenlänge Ungefähr 60 Yards (54,86 m)
Öffnungsfaktor Standard: Ungefähr 35 % | Recreational: Ungefähr 42 %


Christmas Red
Grey Sand
Lemon Yellow
Royal Blue
Spruce Green
Royal Blue
Christmas Red